Homeroom 7


Thank you for the privilege of being your 7th grade teacher. I have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful class. Each one of you have worked hard and been enthusiastic. But even more importantly, each one of you have been generous of your time and talents, welcoming and caring to others and have created a positive atmosphere in our school. You will make terrific leaders and role models as the 8th grade class. I'm very proud of all of you.
Enjoy the video and your summer vacation!

11825Thank you for your hard work on our bottles and cans recycling project throughout the school year. You have raised $810.70 which is 16214 bottles and cans. Congratulations on setting a new school record!

These books are now at home and ready to be returned to the BOCES center.
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Thank you to the Gravagna family and the Van de Wetering Greenhouses for their generous gift of flowers for our Fall and Spring flower sales that supported our trip to Boston.

NYC Field Trip