World History 6

As we continue to explore Greek culture, we will concentrate on their architecture, pottery, literature and theater. We will also explore the Olympic Games, meet their great philosophers and read stories by Aesop.

Journal and Artifacts: We will be writing a diary entry about a day spent at the Olympics, experimenting with the Greek alphabet, drawing diagrams of three styles of Greek columns and drawing a diagram of the Greek theater.
Please finish your research by answering the questions you received from your classmates. Mrs. Findlay will be taping your presentation when your script is completed.

Homework: Complete journal pages, outline page 338-348, finish artifacts started in class and write your museum script.

Assessment: Museum script is due on Wednesday, March 29th.

Please turn in your small journal on Tuesday, March 28th with the gods from "Greek Gods 3" completed. Please check the page in your guidebook for details.