Ms. Kristin Andrejack

Physical Education

Coach Andrejack

Class Rules:
As a class we created this list of rules to not only keep us safe, but to enhance our learning experience and make the most of our time in P.E.!

  1. Listening when Coach or another classmate is talking
  2. Always come prepared
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  4. Always tell the truth
  5. We ALWAYS have to try!


How to be Prepared:
Remember- dress code and preparation is important! Not only to keep students comfortable but to have us prepared to participate in all activities in a SAFE manor! 

  • PE shorts and/or sweatpants
  • PE T-shirt and/or sweatshirt
  • Socks and athletic sneakers with laces or velcro
  • Long hair tied back or pulled back with a headband
  • Water Bottle
  • Use the bathroom BEFORE we come!


Grading Policy:
YES we earn our grades in P.E.! Physical Education targets three domains: the Affective (interpersonal/social responsibility), the Psychomotor (skill based), and the Cognitive (content knowledge). 


Preparation &


Being prepared and showing effort! Trying new activities and engaging in the group dynamic.


Personal Responsibility

Demonstrating a positive attitude,

leadership, respect, sportsmanship kindness, understanding, etc etc!!



All major tasks will be scored on a 4 point rubric of

physical competence as per the PE profile.




Short quizzes both verbal and written to account for

cognitive competence



Every day in PE students are assessed. When they enter the class they hold two separate scores of 100% right from the start! One for Preparation & Participation and one for Personal Responsibility. Points will only be deducted if there are rules broken or incidents occur and I will speak to students on a daily basis if and when this happens so there is no confusion.

All assessments of skill and knowledge will be announced at least a week in advance.  Students will have study guides and rubrics available to them and there is always time for questions and practice! Each 20% portion will be an overall average of all the skill assessments scores for the marking period.  Same for the Cognitive portion! This makes it easy to balance out each student’s strengths and weaknesses and still have them earn the grade they deserve!


3 Strike Policy:

If a rule is broken that either puts any student’s safety at risk or effects the educational environment of others, I will have to have a conversation with the student or students involved about what happened, why it happened, what needs to change and why it needs to change.  The first time is STRIKE ONE- just a warning!  The second time is STRIKE TWO- a second warning with a brief time out from class. If a rules is broken a third time- the student will be removed from class for the day and a phone call will be made home to keep parents in the loop!


On the flip side!...
Star Awards:
If a student demonstrates “all star” behavior there are some perks!  The first time is a bronze star, the next time is silver and finally the third awards them a golden star - and you’ll be hearing about it when I give you a call! By racking up their star collection, students will earn privileges such as leading our warm up, choosing the activities for free time.

I believe it is crucial that students understand all actions have a reaction! Poor decisions will have consequences and smart decisions will have rewards! Physical education is so unique in its ability to teach to the affective domain ie interpersonal relations.


Pk - Grade 2:

Our early childhood and elementary curriculum focuses on teaching and exploring fundamental movement skills in a variety of settings.  This year we will practice locomotor movements, patterns, manipulative skills and non-manipulative skills in a setting that promotes team work and communication!  Along with the cognitive and psychomotor goals we will also be practicing our interpersonal skills such as following directions, respecting rules, and treating ourselves as well as others with respect!    


Grades 3-8:

As students transition from elementary to middle school to high school, our curriculum focus transitions as well!  For grades 3-8 we will be turning our fundamental skills into sport!  Throughout the school year we will cover many different areas of activity- ranging from fitness, to individual sports, to team sports!  Students will be given many opportunities to expand their skill and knowledge base as they experience and experiment with different avenues of organized skill and movement.







 Please email Coach Andrejack with any questions or concerns!