- Mrs. Cardi is collecting a $10.00 for the golf outing class basket.  If you did not send it in yet,  please send in the money and address the envelope to Mrs. Cardi along with your name on the envelope.  Thank you for sending the money in if you did so already.

Over the summer the students can go onto Spelling City.Com and review this year's spelling words.  They can have fun playing games with the spelling words.


The students did a great job on their plays.  Enjoy the hot day!  No homework for today.

1. handwriting - pgs. 152 and 153
2. math - pg. 69
3. reading - read ch. 10 in Dolphins at Daybreak


I assigned a reading log for the students to do over the summer.  I also gave out the multiplication tables to read over and to have fun with if they are "bored."  Also, see the "Summer Suggestions" ideas and the Brookhaven National Lab events.

Enjoy the afternoon!  Tomorrow is free dress.  It would be nice if all the students could wear the t-shirt Conner made for everyone on the last day of school.


Last day of school! Enjoy the summer vacation!  Thank you for a great year!  I will miss all of the students.

Feel free to place a scholastic book order anytime.  
If you are ordering Scholastic books online, our class code is MM4KJ.