Philosophy of Education

My philosophy as the kindergarten teacher is to first and foremost respect and appreciate each child as a unique individual with various learning styles and personalities. I feel my responsibility as the teacher is to support the child's own development through active involvement in the learning process through various learning activities. I will utilize literature, music, games, artwork, computers and other tools, such as the smart board to teach the kindergarten children basic skills. Children learn through interactive activities such as rhyming games, storytelling and acting games. Having the children working together, often in small groups, helps improve their social skills. Kindergarten begins by teaching young children the academics, such as phonics, letter recognition, numbers and awareness of science and nature. They will learn that they are a capable and valuable person, which helps the child's self-esteem and encourages their love for learning. The kindergarten children will also learn how to take a "leap" of faith and learn how to Fully Rely On God.