7th Grade

Welcome to Seventh Grade!

This year, you will be preparing for Confirmation through a program called Dynamic Catholic. We will be having a commitment ceremony in the fall. There you will be given all the information you’ll need to meet your responsibilities. We will also be using the “Gospel Weeklies” program to explore the meaning of the mass readings for the following Sunday.

In American History, we will be covering the civilizations of South America through the pre-Civil War. We’ll be keeping a journal, creating artifacts and hosting a museum.

For math and science, you’ll be having Mrs. Calandra and for ELA and literature, Mrs. Macari. Spanish is twice a week with Mrs. Susinno. Your other seventh grade subjects include computer, where you will learn about and use exciting new technology, library, which you will use as a research center, art, PE and health.

Knowing your class, I’m looking forward to a great year together.