Literature 7

Summer Reading Assignment

For Students Entering 7th Grade

Welcome to Grade 7 Literature!

Part 1

The first required book for students entering Grade 7 is Crispin The Cross of Lead,   by Avi. Use the attached graphic organizer for notes about the book.  You will be tested on the book during the beginning of the school year.  You will be able to use your notes for the test.  Your notes will be collected after you have taken the test.

Part II

Your second required book is to be a book of your choice on an appropriate reading level.  You are asked to report on it, using the following as your guide:

Introduction:  Identify the book you read as well as the author. Who are the main characters.  Summarize the plot in one or two sentences.

2nd Paragraph: Use this paragraph to explain what the conflict of the book is . How does the main character get involved in the problem?  Who else is involved?  How do the characters struggle?

3rd Paragraph: Use this paragraph to explain how the conflict is resolved (the solution).  How does the main character overcome his or her problem? Who else is involved? How do the characters change?

4th paragraph:  Use this final paragraph to summarize your thoughts.  Give your opinion of the book.  Would you recommend it to a friend?  Why or why not?

Your essay should be:

  1. typed

  2. double spaced

  3. use times New ROman 12

  4. indent each paragraph

  5. use proper SIS heading

         Name                                                              Date

         ELA 7                                                            Title of Book